Clara Hong

Performing Saturday at 12pm
Performing Saturday at 12pm

Clara Hong moved to the U.S. from Korea when she was a little girl. She spoke no English and had trouble fitting in. When the fifth grade talent show rolled around, Clara seized the moment to make a statement to her fellow students: she is someone to be respected and remembered. Fast forward 12 years and Clara has made the same statement on a national stage, NBC’s The Voice, by scoring a spot on team Adam.

But this 22-year-old indie/pop artist is more than a singer/songwriter. Pharrell Williams, who also wanted her on his team, described Clara’s voice is like silk. Her voice is smooth, graced with a gentle rasp like an old record player playing your favorite vinyl. With every note the mystery of her tone goes down like a Jura 1977 Scotch – sweet and smokey. With colorful conviction and deep rooted passion, Clara Hong will captivate you with her dynamic voice and elegant stage presence.

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