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Local arts and cultural organizations have the opportunity to distribute information about their organizations and activities. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about cultural events and organizations in Atlanta!

If you are interested in having your organization participate in the festival, please email us at:

Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces

Known for starting many of the “open air” art and craft events in the Metro Atlanta community, the Atlanta Foundation for Public Space (AFFPS) quickly developed a strong reputation for putting together great art festivals, too. AFFPS events are “Built by Artists for Artists, Built by the Community for the Community.” For more details visit the web site at:

Georgia Foundation for Public Spaces

In 2010, we secured non-profit status as The Georgia Foundation for Public Spaces. This enables us to provide financial scholarships, awards, educational programs, tools for artists as well as maintain partnerships for our various events. Our mission remains the same: to organize and host events by artists for artists, to support the regional arts community, create a direct link between artist and buyer, and provide opportunities for growth and partnerships.

 For almost 40 years, Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, through its network of volunteer attorneys, has provided pro bono legal assistance to musicians, songwriters, photographers, sculptors, dancers, filmmakers, painters, actors, and artists from many other disciplines who otherwise could not afford legal representation respecting their rights in their art. More than 700 lawyers volunteer their time for GLA. Each year, GLA provides more than a $1,000,000.00 in pro bono legal services to artists and arts organizations in Georgia.In addition to providing free legal services to arts organizations and limited-income artists, GLA conducts approximately 50 free or low-cost seminars on numerous legal and business-related topics. GLA also has an extensive resource library free and open to the public with over 250 titles on significant legal issues for artists from every discipline. In addition, GLA’s resource library has numerous sample contracts, copyright forms and other informational materials for artists, arts organizations, museums, and attorneys. GLA holds monthly walk-in clinics where artists can meet with volunteer attorneys to discuss various issues and legal questions. GLA also provides free mediation services as a means of resolving artists’ legal disputes. For artists and arts organizations not qualifying for free legal services, GLA assists them in finding an experienced attorney to handle the specific legal issue. Through its legal hotline, pool of volunteer attorneys and numerous educational workshops and seminars, GLA serves thousands of artists and arts organizations in Georgia each year. GLA is the critical link between members of the legal and arts communities.

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